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Into the Country Download Latest Version

Into the Country Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is an adult visual-novel currently in development by the defunktopus team.

Developer: defunktopus Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.35
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Dating sim, Big ass, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Male protagonist, aicg, Oral sex, Romance,

Into the Country Overview

Into the Country is an adult visual-novel currently in development by the defunktopus team. The game is a contemporary story about a man moving to an isolated Northern area to escape the woes of city life as climate change and societal instability press on…​


  • Grounded, hand-written story and romances with adult themes, dialogue choices, and multiple outcomes
  • 7 H-scenes (so far) with sound/vocals
  • Tailored sound effects and original soundtrack
  • High quality artwork (generated ethically with AI then manually edited)
  • Different kinks for different tastes with ability to vote on/suggest content (for Patreon subscribers)

What’s in the new build:

  • Changed the game font for a more unique feel
  • ALL BACKGROUNDS are now remastered
  • Added photo-sensitivity warning to splash screen
  • 1 new H-scene (voted for by the Patreon!)
  • Navigation system (point and click)
  • 3 new OSTs
  • Multiple animated backgrounds (still working on this)
  • Puzzle with visual clue

What’s in the new build:
– Hotfix
1. Download 0.32b and overwrite
2. Back up or reload to when you have THREE things left to repair
3. Continue as normal and on the last repair, something should trigger with Ben, and the game will hit the dev wall eventually

What’s in the new build:
– Hotfix
PLEASE READ if you are encountering the repair shop issue:
1. Download 0.32a and overwrite
2. Either back up or reload to when you have two rooms left to repair
3. Something should trigger when you try to get the second last upgrade from Ben
4. If none of that works, you may need to rollback to just before the house upgrades start (sorry!) but that will fix it

What’s in the new build:
– Biggest dialogue tree/scene we’ve done so far
– Some more content with Alice and Ben
– Some new insight into the new character, Alice
– House repairs completed!
– A preview of the day/night cycle
– An animated background (we’re just testing this at the moment)
– A couple of bugfixes

What’s in the new build:
– House repairs (You can now basically repair most of the house)
– 2 new H CGs
– 1 new H scene
– New Rachel dialogue scene
– Fixed an infinite loop bug with the house

What’s in the new build:

– Free roam!–You can now roam freely between your house and Seishin Town, and roam freely about the house (keep in mind there isn’t much content YET)
– More Osamu (yes, everyone’s favorite landlord gilf)
– House stuff! You can now fix up a couple of rooms of the house–the plan being that once all rooms are unlocked, each will have a different function
– 2 new H CGs
– New OST
– Gallery! (Repair the bathroom to unlock the gallery to replay previous scenes)

v0.15 – Initial release

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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