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Horton Bay Stories – Jake [v0.4.2.4] [Lumphorn Games]


Horton Bay Stories – Jake Download Latest Version

Horton Bay Stories – Jake Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Welcome to our first game set in the town of Horton Bay!

Developer: Lumphorn Games  – Subscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Group Sex, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, NTR(Optional), Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape(Avoidable), Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Point and Click, Sandbox (Avoidable), School Setting, Twins, Milf, Dating Sim

Horton Bay Stories – Jake Overview

Welcome to our first game set in the town of Horton Bay!
Our main character, Jake (or nickname of your choosing) Rogers, finds himself at the end of his final school year and ready to head off to his local university along with his long term girlfriend and best mate.
That is until everything gets turned on it’s head and forces him to change his plans!
Now with seemingly few options, he decides to travel to the other side of the country to the coastal town of Horton Bay, where he can start fresh and try to rebuild a new life for himself!

He’ll forge new relationships, whether they be good friends, romantic interests, adulterous affairs or simply some good old, no-strings casual sex!
He’ll explore the town and meet interesting new people. Get himself a job and an education. Even find himself getting caught up in the middle of a ruthless crime war!

But most importantly, he gets to start the first chapter of the Horton Bay Stories!

Thank you for your interest and we hope you’ll like it enough to stick around for more!



Fixed: Dialogue error when dancing with Tania.
Changed: Replaced Tilly’s character model.
Added: Have sex with Gemma before she gets dressed in the morning – Gemma’s room 07:00 weekdays.
Added: New Dream (Tania)
Added: Can now walk Tania home from the nightclub for some more fun (requires at least 9 attraction points). If Tania is still a virgin, there is a bonus event, then more content will unlock the second time you bring her home.
Added: 2 new collectible videos (sellable to Justin).
Added: Energy Drinks now purchasable. Refills your stamina (currently available at Petrol Station – more vendor locations to come).
Added: Ask Adel for sex while she’s getting dressed in the morning.
Added: Help Polly tidy up the yoga studio at 18:00 . . . or not? (Currently only the “don’t help” path is available – ran out of time and will finish next update.) In order to begin the NTR path for this event, Frank must have helped Polly at least once during Yoga class at 17:00.
Added: Option to instantly skip Sundays after the morning event if no other event is scheduled, or continue in free roam.


Fixed: Broken images during skatepark event while NTR is disabled.
Fixed: Third Regan/Jones video (when viewed from Doc’s camera) now plays more than once.

Changed: New UI when selling photos or videos to Justin.
Changed: Several photos/videos can now be sold to Justin that weren’t previously available.

Added: Alicia introduces her pet (2 different scenarios sub/dom, depending on previous choices).
Added: Global Stats screen, accessible from the stats menu on the phone (Many of the statistics will be inaccurate for existing saves – This data will later be used for in-game achievements and is still being added to).
Added: Meet Tania at the Arcade.
Added: Repeatable event, challenge Tania to a game of DanceStar at the Arcade, once per day. 3 possible scenes depending on current stamina.
Added: Virginity tracker for Tania.
Added: After Abrahms arrives in town, Tania can now be found in the Nightclub from 21:00 to 23:00 (event requires you’ve already met her, also have beaten her at DanceStar at least once for further advancement).
Added: Second and third phase of Tania’s Nightclub event (Requires 4 attraction points).
Added: 2 new photo collectibles.
Added: New dream events (NTR on).
Added: Tania NTR events at the Nightclub (After speaking with her, leave without hanging out – 3 events – recommend keeping a save file before reaching the third event).

Fixed: Handjobs from Lucy at the gym are now correctly tallied up in her bio stats.
Fixed: With NTR on, if Amber never had sex with her stream guest, Bethany’s virginity event will no longer freeze up while NTR is enabled.
Fixed: When you spend Sunday morning alone in your room, reset scripts now fire as intended, resetting uni class attendance/grade changes etc.
Fixed: When discovering Adel’s videos on the Doc’s camera, you must now wait at least 1 day before the next one will become available (providing all other requirements have also been met), as intended.
Fixed: Holding down the skip button while watching photos or videos on your phone no longer causes the UI to break.
Fixed: Compass is now hidden if looking at photos/videos on your phone while outside.

Added: New content to Yoga event (requires Lucy Max attraction 9).
Added: More new content to Yoga event (requires Lucy Max attraction 14).
Added: Frank gives Polly a hand with her Yoga lesson (NTR on).
Added: Abrahms discovers where you work (main story).
Added: Leia gets hired at the Bookshop (main story).
Added: Leia work events added to dreams.
Added: If your housemates become pregnant, there is now a chance to find them experiencing morning sickness in the bathroom.
Added: Can now sell Joints to the skaters at 15:00 (stay and drink beer with them – requires joints in inventory).
Added: After hearing of the Doctor’s sexual prowess from Greg, Regan books an appointment of her own (Requires Greg seen Adel in the Doctor’s office and Completed Regan’s shower event at the Gym – Skatepark, 15:00 – NTR on).

  • NOTE: Because of the hard requirement to be quite far into Adel’s corruption path in order to unlock the Regan/Doctor event, there is also another hidden optional way to unlock it while keeping Adel pure.

Added: Three new video collectibles (NTR on).


Fixed: Bug with Gemma parents event, where if NTR was disabled and Ray was drunk, you did not have the option to find Melina in the bathroom.
Fixed: Several typos.
Fixed: Bethany now correctly appears at the bakery on the town map instead of the university.
Fixed: Lighting issues in final Gemma/Jake animation fo Gemma parents event.

Changed: To give Ray a drink during his visit, you must now have a bottle of whisky in your inventory.
Changed: Gemma’s diary updated.
Changed: Pregnancies now only have a 1 in 3 chance of taking after the contraceptive grace period is up. This is to allow for some actual risk as opposed to simply having unprotected sex, not buying pills then guaranteeing a pregnancy. Now you (or anyone else) will have to work for it (for obvious reasons, does not affect any current pregnancies, however a global pregnancy reset is available in the settings menu while cheat mode enabled if required).
Changed: Gemma now requires at least 5 corruption points to allow Frank to spar with her in the Boxing Hall (NTR on).
Changed: Sunday mornings will now always be used for an event. If nothing is scheduled, time will advance to mid-day.
Changed: Gemma will now only show up in the corridor at Uni to begin her parents visit event between 14:00 and 17:00. This is to prevent her appearing while in free roam and you potentially missing out on the day’s classes.
Changed: When Rhea is at the library, you can now speak with her directly from the front desk, instead of navigating all the way to the back of the library to find her (optional).
Changed: Objective prompt to hang out with Stacey at the beach will now remain until you’ve had sex with her at the Secluded Cove.
Changed: Updated Gemma’s in-game npc guide to include latest progression.
Changed: When visiting Claire at home in her living room, can now open dialogue with her from the kitchen instead of navigating to livingroom first (optional).
Changed: When using the button to take all classes (top right of UI) at 09:00, the option to walk to Uni with one of the girls will only be shown if you are at your house.

Added: New inventory item – Bottle of Whisky. Can be purchased from the Petrol Station.
Added: After having anal sex with Adel at least once, you can now have anal sex with her in the bathroom after finding her there on the toilet.
Added: More content for Gemma and Frank in the Boxing hall (NTR on) – Requires Gemma had sex with Frank at least once and all previous boxing events played out.
Added: Frank/Gemma boxing event to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Lucas/Melina event to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Ray/Melina event to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Bruce/Marcy event to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Frank/Gemma sauna event to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Frank/Marie massage event to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Adel/Nigel rent day event added to Dreams (NTR on).
Added: Melina bio to phone.
Added: Ray bio to phone.
Added: New character ‘Leia Littleton’ to phone.
Added: Beth’s birthday present event.
Added: Beth’s birthday to Dreams
Added: Walk to Uni with Gemma event (Requires Gemma’s parents event complete.)
Added: Maxine can now be found in the girl’s changing rooms at Uni at 08:00.

Fixed: Kurt event will now work as intended – 16:00 The Randall’s House.


Fixed: Several typos.

Changed: Remade Katherine’s character model.
Changed: When choosing to take all Uni classes in the morning, you no longer have to also choose “Take Class“ at the start of each lesson. This not only saves a few unnecessary clicks but also avoids potential bugs where you may find yourself stuck without any navigation (usually triggered when using cheats to alter time of day etc).

Added: New Inventory item – Itching Powder.
Added: Tracker for amount of contraceptive pills bought from Marion at the Clinic (pills added via cheat mode do NOT count – One-time catch up menu for existing saves).
Added: New twins event (16:00 The Randall’s backyard – Requires getting into the pool with both girls. Current saves will need to replay the event if already seen before v0.3.8).
Added: New scenes when spying on Adel during rent collection (NTR on – reliant on Adel’s corruption status).
Added: Scratch Cards now available to buy at the Petrol Station (cost £5 each, can win up to £100 per card – can also be used as a gift).
Added: Comic Books can now be purchased from the Bookshop – Can be used as a gift.
Added: Nigel getting closer to Adel during the rent pickup (NTR on – Requires at least 15 corruption points plus stuffed toy bought and Adel’s room camera unlocked – mulitple stages).
Added: Can now fuck Marley when staying behind with her at the beach (requires at least 9 ‘MAX’ attraction for Marley).
Added: More content during Christine’s shower event at home.
Added: Can now give gifts to your house mates in order to reduce corruption (once per girl per day) by one point.
Added: New event with Nurse Marion at the Clinic (Requires buying at least 10 contraceptive pills or either type).
Added: Extended the event at the clinic after drinking too much (Requires letting Marion have her way and getting your test results back).

Horton Bay Stories – Jake v0.3.7.3 Changelog

Changed: With Cheatmode active and allowing Gemma and Claire sharing, you can now choose to send one of the girls away during the hot tub event to play out their solo scene.

Changed: Replaced Phillip’s bio card.

Added: Fuck Gemma on her own in the hot tub (21:00 – Backyard).

Added: Skating lessons with Lillie – Skate Park 14:00

Added: Optionally go back to Roy’s house with Lillie, or let Roy be alone with her after skate lessons (Requires previously had sex with Lillie).

Added: Catch up event for Lillie if you chose not to have sex with her at the party (Go skating with her at 14:00).

Added: A couple days after having sex with Amber on stream, she’ll call you again with another request (NTR on) – adds additional repeatable content during Amber’s streams.

Added: New vod’s to Bwitch app on PC.

Added: Alicia gets a visitor (Main story).


Fixed: Error during Marie’s massage event ending abruptly.
Fixed: Marie/Frank massage (NTR on) now also requires at least 1 point of attraction for Marie before it’ll initiate.
Fixed: ‘Walk to Uni’ button on the top right is no longer available during week 1 before Uni actually begins for you.
Fixed: When on Main Objective ‘Walk to Uni’ the Uni button will now fire the event as intended.
Fixed: Can no longer find massage clients at the gym before getting a job there.
Fixed: Several lines of code that allowed Adel’s attraction points to go out of range.
Fixed: When meeting Jasper for the first time at the bank, his Bio will now reflect this on the phone (also fixed for existing saves after selecting a new location on load).
Changed: Removed redundant ‘Toggle Free Roam’ option from cheat menu.
Changed: Removed ‘Unlock NPC’ and ‘Unlock Locations’ from cheat menu.
Added: Ending to Gemma’s sauna event with MC.
Added: Gemma/Frank Sauna event (NTR on).
Added: Pregnancy System Toggle to cheat menu – Pauses pregnancy system functions when turned off.
Added: Claire’s lost property – Next stage in Claire’s personal arc (Requires at least 15 Attraction points and completion of previous content to begin).
Added: Can now have fun with Claire in her livingroom during the afternoon while she’s at home (15:00 – 19:00, Requires Claire’s lost property completed).
Added: Lesbian/bi content toggle switch for current relevant characters on their bio pages (Requires Cheat mode active. One-time in game announcement also given, to make your choices when necessary).
Added: Character side story hints underneath their bio in the phone. Lists the current objective for building relationships with them (if any).
Added: New content for Gemma and Claire in the hot tub at 21:00.

: Error during Getting Stoned with Christine event while having morning after pills in your inventory.
Fixed: Can now vandalise Brett’s ride home from the building site at 14:00 more than once as intended.
Fixed: Broken dream event after kicking Lucas out.
Fixed: Bug when saying goodnight to Adel while her attraction points are low, causing navigation to break.

Changed: Abigail’s side image
Changed: With Cheatmode active, increasing or decreasing cash now affects the total by 100 instead of 10.
Changed: With Cheatmode active, after kicking Lucas out while on the Lucas Alpha path, the Lucas Toggle will now allow ALL previous NTR scenes with the housemates to continue occuring when enabled (Will cause inconsistent dialogue and contrary events to Christine’s arc – Use at your own risk (or if you don’t care too much about the actual story and just want the scenes)).
Changed: When taking any of your housemates to see Nigel at the pub on Sundays, they will now gain +1 corruption to a cap of 20.

Added: Mika’s ‘private time’ (requires had sex with Mika at least once, then knock on her front door while she’s home) – Mika’s Window 16:00 – 00:00.
Added: Can now finish inside Mika after watching porn at her house (requires ‘Mika’s private time’ event finished at least once).
Added: Gemma video games, more content (requires had sex with Gemma at least once) – living room 19:00
Added: Frank’s new client – Gym, Weightsroom.
Added: 3 new dream unlocks (Frank NTR)
Added: Can now see Frank at the gym on the town map whenever he can be ‘checked up on’.
Added: Weight training with Gemma – Gym, Weightsroom (Requires won 2x boxing spar with Gemma, kept an eye on Frank until fully seduced (NTR on) or trained (NTR off) 2 girls at the Gym) and Received 5x massages from Marie.
Added: Frank bio to phone.
Added: Walk to Uni with Christine extra content (requires getting stoned with Christine at least once).
Added: Let Frank spar with Gemma at 14:00 (Requires 2x Frank/Gemma weight training – NTR on)
Added: With cheats enabled, you can now unlock (and re-lock) all available dream events in the dreams menu.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Horton Bay Stories – Jake Download





ANDROID (v0.1.5)

PIXELDRAIN (if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)


Walkthrough: MEGA

Horton Bay Stories – Jake Screenshots


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