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Home Prisoner Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – An accident dooms him to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair…

Developer: Inqel Interactive Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Ep. 3 Update 2
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 3DCG, 2D Game, Male protagonist, Cheating, Ntr, Corruption, Adventure

Home Prisoner Overview

This is a story about a successful businessman, owner of a large company, and just about the happiest man on earth who has everything. More precisely, he was so… Until that fateful day.

An accident dooms him to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, but a group of scientists from a private laboratory suddenly give hope of a cure. For only $ 500 million.

After the sale of the company and all the property, he falls into debt and waits for the first dose of medicine. But the waiting is killing, and with each passing day more and more doubts creep into his head: “What if the injections don’t cure?”, “What if it’s all for nothing?”

At some point he realizes that it can’t get any worse. But he changes his mind after a gift from his wife on his birthday…​


Episode 3 Update 2

This update was initially planned to be released as a patch. However, since we decided to fully close Episode 2 and add the final scene, it can now be called a Mini-Update. We hope that this version will add stability to the game, allowing us to focus more on content creation.

  • A daytime mini-scene added in Episode 3. Use your saves to access it (don’t forget to sleep beforehand).
  • Graphics of the upstairs corridor have been improved.
  • Numerous minor bugs have been fixed.

Episode 1:
Artificial pauses in dialogues have been removed across all 13 scenes.
Skipping cutscenes has been significantly sped up for actions such as blinking and more.
Visualization of the house improved.
Added the ability to skip dialogues in the interactive event with the wife in the kitchen.
Difficulty of the mini-game with the younger daughter significantly reduced.
Hints added to some scenes.

All detected visual errors and incompatibilities have been resolved across all three episodes.
A missing choice option has been added after the massage scene during the festive dinner. (You can access it using the “Deja Vu” feature.)
The “Deja Vu” feature now fully covers Episode 2.
A daytime mini-scene added in Episode 3. Use your saves to access it (don’t forget to sleep beforehand).
Graphics of the upstairs corridor have been improved.
Numerous minor bugs have been fixed.

Episode 3 Update 1

Episode 2 Final

Home Prisoner Episode 2 v0.80b patch

Added missing files to the game directory that were causing the “blink” effect to not play.
Fixed the collision of an event that was causing the player to get stuck after playing with the younger daughter.
Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, all choice options were getting blocked at the festive table.

Home Prisoner Episode 2 v0.80 update includes five new scenes:

Scene with the main character and his wife in the kitchen.
Scene with the wife in the bathroom.
Scene with the eldest daughter in her room.
Scene with the main character in the bathroom. (Mini scene)
Scene with the wife in the bedroom.

Two interactive eyes:

In the bathroom.
In the bedroom.

NW.js Update:

The NW.js test update may have a positive impact on the overall game performance (excluding the issue of artificial scene slowdown and character transfer between rooms), but it may also cause new errors.

New interactions in the house:

Ability to watch television in the living room.
Now you can turn on the faucet in the bathroom : )

Other changes:

Editing of certain dialogues.
New graphics for character movement.

Home Prisoner Episode 2 v0.50b

  • Found and corrected quite large parts of the untranslated text in Episode 1.
  • Fixed the choice in version 0.50, after which the game froze.
  • Minor edits.

Home Prisoner Episode 2 v0.50a

  • Fixed a conflict between version 0.40 and 0.50, (the kitchen scene is available again)
  • Fixed all identified minor errors, and untranslated text.
  • Made edits to speed up the scenes 0.50
  • Fixed Jerome’s animation (head turning)
  • Removed a choice in Episode 2 that had no consequences

Episode 2 Beta 0.40a

  • Fixed a critical bug in the first episode where the game would freeze at the holiday dinner and not allow the story to progress.
  • Fixed a collision (block) at one point in the second episode, when the player could use the acceleration to get into places not intended to move.
  • Fixed all identified minor errors, and untranslated text.
  • Some events have been edited and sped up.
  • Max. save slots increased from 20 to 30.

Episode 2 Beta 0.40

A fancy holiday food, a warm family atmosphere. The first snowfall in years, like a cherry on the cake, was supposed to be the perfect ending to your birthday party. It would seem that nothing and no one could spoil the evening. But it wasn’t…

Like a thunder from a clear sky, an unexpected guest interrupted the family idyll and put you in a stupor with his appearance.

What happens next? The first impression of a menacing-looking guest will be deceptive, and he will become a companion in overcoming your most difficult period of life? Or, maybe your inner alarm is working right, and there is something not good behind this person?

Choose your line of conduct in this story and find out…

The new “deja vu” feature allows you not to waste time, and to flip through the first episode by selecting your decisions. (It can be activated at the beginning of the game by lookin

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