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Hazelnut Latte Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – In this visual novel, you visit a café and find a young barista named (Phil)Hazel.

Developer: Rad Lord – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.11.2
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, animated, male protagonist, trap, voyeurism, masturbation,

Hazelnut Latte Overview

In this visual novel, you visit a café and find a young barista named (Phil)Hazel.
The two of you hit it off and the choice is up to you.
What kind of coffee do you like?
Do you want an espresso?
Something sweet, like a frappe?
Or do you want to try the special: A Hazelnut Latte?​



Corrected spelling mistakes in earlier episodes.
Modified gallery to emphasize natural discovery.


  • Phone messaging. Now talk to other characters via text.
  • Added a variable in Episode 3 that tracks if you slept with Hazel after the movie date.
  • Added variable in Episode 3 that removes your romance route if you slept with Hazel.
  • Added a variable in Episode 3 for if you heard Jeze’s story but didn’t offer to help.
  • Fixed the Android issue where the in-game menu was cut off.
  • Added buttons to the main menu for “About”, “Gallery”, and “Scene Replay” instead of being accessible in the game. This is due to a bug where going through a Scene would give players duplicate or contradicting variables.
  • Fixed duplicate Hazel sprite in Episode 2 if you confronted him.
  • Fixed Scene Replays in Episode 3 where the replay never ends.
  • Bathroom BJ scene in Episode 1 is now fully animated with 3 different animation loops.
  • Hazel Thigh Rubbing scene in Episode 2 is now fully animated with 3 different animation loops and 1 animation.
  • Hazel’s Hotel Room BJ in Episode 2 is now fully animated with 7 different animation loops.
  • Eating out Hazel in Episode 2 is now fully animated with 2 different animation loops.
  • Fingering Hazel in Episode 3 now has an animation.
  • Hazel Doggy Style in Episode 3 is now fully animated with 4 different animation loops.
  • Alternate view of Hazel Doggy Style in Episode 3 is now fully animated with 2 different animation loops.
  • Hazel Doggy Style in Episode 3 now has a post-nut animation.
  • Hazel Riding in Episode 3 now has 2 animations.
  • Added some additional dialogue to scenes where the animations have changed to accommodate the new animation.
  • Changed text in Episode 1 to hopefully mitigate the problem of players not knowing the door code.

Known Issues

  • During Hazel’s grinding in Episode 4, two of the animations have black bars.
  • During Hazel’s ride in Episode 3 the player’s penis is flaccid and there is already cum on his chest.

New Content

  • Episode 4 features scenes with Hazel, Robbie, Vera, and Dave.
  • 160+ illustrations.
  • 20 animations.
  • 22,746 words.
  • 8 Gallery Pictures.
  • 8 Gallery Replays.


  • New logo for the game was done by Kokman. (better than mine)
  • New main menu featuring Hazel, Jeze, and Mr. Noto! Along with some characters, we haven’t met yet.
  • Menus have been moved around to simplify the main menu. Image Gallery, Replay Gallery, Help, and About are now only accessible once in the game.
  • 5k words added to the game, bringing Episode 3 up to 12,600 words and finishing the episode.
  • A whole new sequence with Jeze at the restaurant. No new lewd scenes, but you can now do lewd stuff with Jeze with rewritten dialogue. (this is for people who have been avoiding Jeze due to not wanting to cheat)
  • New gallery images, including fanart!
  • New sprites for Jeze! He now has 13 expressions. Past scenes with him and Hazel have been updated with these new sprites.
  • The version number in the main menu is now clickable and will give you the current changelog and all previous ones.
  • Redid the disclaimer splash screen.
  • New audio cues for getting a new gallery image and other audio effects were added.
  • Updated animation for Hazel’s first bathroom encounter.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the dialogue.


  • Acts are now Episodes.
  • Hazel has 2 new outfits! An Ash Williams cosplay outfit and a casual outfit.
  • Hazel has 7 more expressions! (With all past expressions being redone) Bringing him to 12 total expressions! Because of this, his scenes throughout the game so far have been altered to showcase the new expressions. (Except for Episode II, which I will work on next update.)
  • I fixed the lewd scene at the end of Episode II to account for players who hadn’t had any lewd scenes or sex yet.
  • Fixed the issue on mobile where trying to enter the bathroom too early causes the game to lock.
  • Added in Episode III, the Halloween Special! This update includes roughly 7,000 words of dialogue!
  • Three lewd scenes with two that can either link together, or you can finish early.
  • Six images were added to the gallery for you to unlock.
  • Changed the hidden lewd scene in Episode II as it is now a part of the actual story. (Something new is there now.)
  • Redid the Hazel Jerk Off in Episode I and the Sex Scene after the Date in Episode II to now have full animation! I will be updating past scenes with new animations as I can afford them.
  • Implemented a Town Map system into Episode III, with a retroactive Map moment in Episode I.
  • New backgrounds for the Theater, the Hotel in the daytime, and the exterior of Cafe Estro plus a redo of the Cafe bathroom.


  • Remade all of Hazel’s and Jeze’s sprites. Now they are all drawn by Kokman with a consistent style.
  • Each sprite has two poses, five expressions, and multiple stages of undress.
  • Hazel has 2 outfits while Jeze has 1.
  • Made a sprite for the restaurant owner.
  • Remade the exterior of Noto’s.
  • Made it so that if the player does not put in a name it defaults to Isaac. (This has no significance other than I am reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov.)
  • Added more dialogue and interactions in Act 1 (now that Hazel has a sprite with him in different stages of being dressed)
  • There is a keypad in Act 1!
  • Added new lines during the date in Act 2.
  • New location Hotel Room with a Day/Night variant.
  • A ton of behind-the-scenes restructuring and organizing.
  • Added over 40 CGs, most of them lewd, for when you take Hazel back to your hotel room.
  • Choices have been changed and the font for dialogue has changed, along with dialogue now typing out instead of appearing at once.
  • A small tutorial to let players know about the interactable scenes.
  • Added a gallery for unlockable illustrations and to replay scenes! NoteThis is in its first iteration and thus does not have cool things like a hint system.
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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