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Ephemeral Gate [v0.261] [Wr1ckad]


Ephemeral Gate Download Latest Version

Ephemeral Gate Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – The kingdom of Alanse faces growing threats, both from within and without.

Developer: Wr1ckad Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.261
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Ahegao, Corruption, Creampie, Dating Sim, Dilf, Fantasy, Groping, Harem, Male Protagonist, NTR(avoidable), Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Romance, RPG, Sexual Harassment, Stripping, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism

Ephemeral Gate Overview

The kingdom of Alanse faces growing threats, both from within and without. A dark plot has left the king poisoned and on the brink of death. The fate of the kingdom falls to a group of unlikely heroes, called to action by a princess out of her depth. The aspiring hero, Haru, has to embark on a journey to save the kingdom that will take him from slaying rats in a basement to killing a god. Along the way, he will meet a variety of companions that can help him, or fall to depravity.​



Added the v0.26 events to the Replay Room
Changed the main quest in Eastern District to not play if you are not playing as Haru


Added a new scene to the game intro
Ancient Elven Weapons are sold at the Weapon Merchant after completing Main Quest: What Lies Beneath
“Skip to Chapter 2” Option when starting new game
Added Pick-up Items to Graveyard
UI Busts for Kasumi, Reina, Elinore, Amelia, Irina, Miria, Lucielle, Haru
Side Quest: A Chemical Reaction
Updated party portraits
Remade CGs for 3 Peeping Events during Chapter 1, Amelia’s Intro, and Kasumi’s Intro
Added CG screen to the escape from Edelcross story beat
Event: Miria x Julia NTR1
Event: Miria x Julia NTR2
Event: Reina Gambler NTR1
Event: Elinore x Meriak NTR3
Some text edits to Chapter 1
Added some pick-up Berries and Althea’s Leaf to Chapter 1 Lakeside
CG Haru Intro to Prologue
Added Julie as an NPC to the academy while Haru is active
Added some campfires to Restenal
New Location: Magic Shop in the Residential District

Bugfixes & Changes
Added direction fix to various pick-ups in Chapter 1
Fixed a black screen bug in the intro (?)
Added some more Names and Locations to the auto-coloring
Fixed an issue with Amelia not being present during the introduction to the Estate
Added color to intro selection
Added some more Names and Locations to the auto-coloring
Fixed an issue with Amelia not being present during the introduction to the Estate
Added color to intro selection
Fixed the last objective stage on “A New Day Dawns” to complete properly in the quest journal
Fixed the campfire sprite being too low



Added Meriak x Elinore Engagement 1 + 2 to Replay Room

Added Kasumi Cursed Item 1 to Replay Room

Direction Fix added to barfing guy in Merchant District

You now need to be Haru for the pick-up items in Merchant District and Eastern District

You can now no longer enter the Eastern District North unless you are playing as Haru

Fixed two trees in the Brackenwood

Added some names to Weary Goblet, City Outskirts, Road Wardens, Wheat & Chaff and Tower District NPCs

Minor fix on Outskirt Inn roof

Added some details to several maps

Heavy Branch can now be equipped by Haru

Old Knife should now properly be a dagger

Fixed Oskan missing a face image in one dialogue

Fixed some tall trees that were not in front of the character

You should no longer be able to go over a cliff in Edelcross

Added music to Outskirts

Some redundant dialogue with Gorimand and Olivia should not appear now when doing Olivia’s quest

Fixed a visual glitch on the beast corpse sprite



Added Replay Room in the basement of the Estate

– Should cover all the events with CGs available right now, you can see which events you have yet to find

Event: Olivia Handjob readded

Quest: Olivia’s Quest 1 Available

– Has two different paths

Event: Elinore Bath Visit

Event: Lucielle Bath Visit

Map: Heart of the Sea

New Character: Ruby

Event: Ruby Prostitution

Event: Meriak x Elinore Engagement 1

Event: Meriak x Elinore Engagement 2

Added a few skill trainers for Haru

Re-Added books to Estate Library

Added Pickups to Merchant District, Residential District and Harbor District

Gave some NPCs around the city names

Adventurer’s Guild: Copper Rank added

Added an Adventurer’s Guild quest

Switched Meriak’s character to one that reflects his CG character more

Added another quest to copper rank adventurers

Added prompt dates to all the other characters to the estate if your relationship reaches the required ranks.

Added some more misc NPC names

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