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Corrupted Kingdoms Download Latest Version

Corrupted Kingdoms Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale..

Developer: ArcGames Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex

Corrupted Kingdoms Overview

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​



  • GLYTCHES: More glytches have been added, plus a new take on Hidden Voices that will hopefully be less prone to breaking than the old system. Talk to Chloe to see them in action (Hint: you can click/tap on the orange words)!
  • EMMA: You can now ask Emma to sing for you!
  • EMMA: You can now tell Emma that your kid is okay!
  • SLEEP WITH… You can now invite Lily to spend the night with you!
  • SLEEP WITH… You can now invite Lyx to spend the night with you (30% chance of a surprise in the morning)!
  • SLEEP WITH… You can now invite Viola to spend the night with you (60% chance of waking up to a bit of a surprise…)!
  • EMMA & CLAIRE: Claire will now appear outside Emma’s door in the MORNING as well as the AFTERNOON if Emma hasn’t left her room yet
  • CHLOE: Chloe will now properly appear in the War Room instead of her paperdoll popping in to greet you!
  • FEY FLOOR: Re-added the “Fey Floor” option to the East Hallway. You can’t enter Ami or Hana’s rooms, though, as they’re always working! Poor girls…
  • Misc: Removed the Discord integration so that the new Web build will work properly (more on that coming later!)
  • Misc: Tidied up the dialogue with Chloe in Act Three so her paperdoll doesn’t keep bouncing in and out of the screen
  • Misc: Chloe will now always wear her war outfit while in the war room
  • Misc: Added “your” variants to Chloe’s speech patterns
  • Bug: Gwen’s naughty pool scene wasn’t showing up in Act Two. Now it is!
  • Bug: The “active” icon now shows properly when you visit the dungeon or the pool in Act Three!
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives quickly dispatch the Python with a knife covered in Rust and continue on their way (this one’s for you, my fellow coding nerds)


  • LYX: You can now meet Lyx again (properly this time)! Once you’ve met Claire again, go to sleep and the Lyx event should trigger!
  • LYX: You can now talk with Lyx whenever you want! After the event listed above, go to the West Hallway and call for her (you can only pick the “chat” option for now. More to come in the next update)!
  • LYX: Lyx now has a paperdoll!
  • EMMA: New naughty scene with Emma! Talk to her in her room and select ‘let’s be naughty’!
  • EMMA: Moved her out of the guest room and back into her room from Act Two
  • RADIO: Added a few new lines to the radio in the Manor living room
  • GLYTCH: A new kinetic text mechanic! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for an age, but only just figured out a decent method. It’s purely aesthetic, but has numerous lore implications… (look for text that flickers and changes)
  • PROLOGUE: Tidied up the prologue a little bit, added some kinetic tags (including some “glytches”) and prevented Pixie’s paperdoll from sliding in and out all the time
  • NAUGHTY: Tweaked the code a little bit so that randomised lines are repeated less often
  • FAN ART: Added another piece of fan art to the EXTRAS gallery. Thanks, Hershey!
  • Misc: Added a few new facial expressions to some of the paperdolls
  • Bug: Fixed a bunch of graphical inconsistencies in the sleepover scenes. Pixie is still trying to eat her own hand, but it makes her happy so who am I to stand in the way of that?
  • Bug: The location menu was remaining on-screen during Gwen’s evening event. It disappears properly now
  • Bug: Emma was sneaking into the kitchen for food even after publicly leaving her room. She’s been told she doesn’t need to sneak around stealing food any more
  • Bug: Chloe, Gwen and Jessica were having time-travel flashes during their sleepover events. Now they’ll remain in this space-time coordinate
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives follow the trail of clues along with Recursive River and deep into the forest. The Techlight Trees glimmer and fizz around them, illuminating their path it fits and patches. But look out, kids! There’s a Python in the trees!


  • EMMA: New Emma event! Visit her room during the DAY!
  • EMMA: You can now talk to Emma in her room!
  • CLAIRE: You can now talk to Claire in her room!
  • GWEN: Gwen will now (properly) appear in the pool on WEDNESDAY MORNING and AFTERNOON!
  • GWEN: You can now talk to Gwen when she’s at the pool, and try to help her with her physical therapy!
  • JESSICA: Jessica will now appear at the pool on SATURDAY and SUNDAY AFTERNOONS!
  • JESSICA: You can now apply “lotion” to Jessica at the pool!
  • BATHROOM: You can now have a bath and clean yourself up! (Some characters may comment on it if you get too stinky, but they’ll still love you)
  • Bug: The ghost of Gwen past will no longer haunt the pool
  • Bug: Rubble and stray data shards flicker and shift beneath the detectives’ feet. The jam is gone, replaced with a stream of bytes. Gwen dips her finger in tentatively… ouch! It bites!


  • CLAIRE: New Claire event! Conquer the Bridge and the Apartments (and if Emma is around you need to have gotten to the end of her current content) and then sleep!
  • EMMA: New sequence of mini-events! After meeting Claire, go check on Emma any AFTERNOON in her room! There are five mini-events to listen to!
  • EMMA: Emma now has a paperdoll!
  • CLAIRE: Claire now has a paperdoll!
  • POOL: The Manor swimming pool is accessible once again! Everyone needs a relaxing dip now and then, especially in wartime
  • POOL: Swimming in the pool will now give you +1 to ATTACK and CLASH rolls for the rest of the day!
  • Misc: Removed the Wardrobe icon and put it as a dialogue option in your room (nav bar was getting too cluttered!)
  • Bug: Can no longer dream about Chastity before meeting her
  • Bug: Can no longer dream about the Beast in its humanoid form in Act One
  • Bug: Rocks tumble and the light swells, illuminating a landscape of binary bits and two little figures, huddled in the centre. Hand in hand they take a deep breath and head out in search of more clues!


  • KANA: You can now check on Kana, sit at her bedside and stroke her hair or hold her hand! Morrning, Afternoon AND Evening! She needs the love…
  • HOUSE LADIES: The rest of the House Ladies return! You can find them in their rooms in the East Hallway!
  • HOUSE LADIES: All of the House Ladies now have their own Paperdolls!
  • JULIE: You can be naughty with Julie in her room in the East Hallway!
  • LAURA: You can be naughty with Laura in her room in the East Hallway!
  • RENEE: You can be naughty with Renee in her room in the East Hallway!
  • RENEE & JULIE: You can be naughty with both at the same time in their room in the East Hallway!
  • CHELSEA: A new narrative event for Chelsea! Explore the Apartments after you have recruited her!
  • HAZEL: A new narrative event for Hazel! Explore the College after you have recruited her!
  • NOELLE: A new narrative event for Noelle! Explore the Mansions after you have recruited her!
  • OPHELIA: A new narrative event for Ophelia! Explore the Old Club after you have recruited her!
  • RACHEL: A new narrative event for Rachel! Explore the Bridge after you have recruited her!
  • TERRI & TAMMI: A new narrative event for Terri & Tammi! Explore the Park after you have recruited them!
  • SHOPKEEP: The Shopkeep no longer sells dice upgrades (see below)! Instead he will now sell an Elixir that grant permanent boosts throughout the fight for so long as they’re active (more Elixirs to come in the future!
  • SHOPKEEP: You can no longer visit the Shopkeep’s store before the dream with the Numbers, so players are warned about him before making a purchase
  • RECIPE: A new recipe: Roasted Beets! Unlock by exploring the Apartments!
  • RECIPE: A new recipe: Spicy Oysters! Unlock by exploring the Mansions!
  • RECIPE: A new recipe: Rainbow Cotton Candy! Unlock by exploring the Park!
  • COMBAT DICE: There has been a change to how Combat Dice are upgraded! Now you can grow your dice to D6’s by recruiting Hazel, Ophelia and Rachel and exploring their locations. The Shopkeep will no longer upgrade dice, and will instead offer special Elixirs that give you boosts which last all combat (but may come with their own, dark price…)
  • AUTO-WIN: You can now choose between Physical Victory, Seductive Victory and Shatter Victory in the auto-win option in the War Room
  • Misc: Changed meeting Annie from a dialogue menu option to an automatic scene to prevent edge cases where players could rescue Kana before meeting Annie and thus make her very confused about where Kana is
  • Misc: Added Laura, Renee and Julie to the angry lineup of defenders during Chastity’s Act Three return event
  • Bug: Player will no longer meet Jessica in random locations then be surprised by her new outfit later on at the front door
  • Bug: Player will no longer meet Ami in random locations then be surprised by her eyepatch later on at the front door
  • Bug: Manor will no longer be attacked by Goons before the player has completed the battle tutorial
  • Bug: Minion One and Minion Two’s names were swapped in the forest fight. They have now stopped practicing their ventriloquism and will focus on the fight
  • Bug: Text for the Chastity dream wasn’t centered correctly. Now it is!
  • Bug: From somewhere in the void, rocks shift… crack… tumble… a flickering light is seen, and a small voice echoes in the darkness: “Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives are back!


  • KANA: The return of Kana! Discover the FOREST and search it to find her!
  • NAUGHTY: Four new naughty scenes! Complete the Forest Boss Girl fight to access them!
  • BOSS GIRL: New Boss Girl! A certain cruel wolf matron makes her reappearance…
  • MINION FIGHT: New combat style: Minion Fights! These are very simple fights which consist of a single ATTACK round. Players will roll three dice and choose the largest number (or smallest, if you like pain. I don’t judge) which will determine if they take any damage during the fight. Minion fights are used by certain bosses to soften up the player before they fight the main Boss Girl herself!
  • MINIONS: Three new minions! Wolf girls devoted to a certain cruel wolf matron…
  • LOCATION: New location appears! The FOREST is now accessible from the Outskirts map in Act Three!
  • Bug: Gwen’s Act Three paperdoll was showing up when using Hidden Voices, even before Act Three, which was a very depressing bit of clairvoyance on the MC’s part!
  • Bug: Reinforce Tactics wasn’t always upgrading the lowest dice. Now it will!
  • Bug: Some dialogue lines with Lily and Gwen were appearing under the paperdolls
  • Bug: The world shifts… and settles… and all is black. Time passes, minutes or aeons, it’s impossible to tell, until, finally… a voice… “I found a clue!”


  • Annie: The return of Annie! Conquer the Old Club and clear the roadblock to get access to the Farm!
  • Kids: The return of the kids! Once you make it to the farm, you can talk to any of the kids you left in the day care!
  • Kids: You can talk to, and play with, all of the kids in the day care!
  • Kids: All the kids now have paperdolls!
  • Radio: If you go to the Manor living room in the afternoon, you might hear something interesting on the radio (ten different transmissions to hear)!
  • Gwen: After listening to the radio, you can ask Gwen about it!
  • Numbers: The Numbers you met in the Act Two finale return! Meet the Shopkeep (conquer then scout the bridge) and then sleep!
  • Shopkeep: After talking to the Numbers, find and talk to the Shopkeep again for a little more lore hints!
  • Outskirts: You now have access to the Outskirts! Conquer the Old Club, then select “Clear the Roadblock” from the Outskirts location!
  • Outskirts: You can visit every location in the Outskirts (except Morgana)!
  • Combat: New Power available! You can now use AURA in combat to increase your SEDUCE dice by two!
  • Combat: If you use auto-win you will now take a tiny amount of damage when doing so. Don’t worry! You can still use the auto-win all day every day, but now events that require you to have taken damage will trigger correctly (such as Lily and Lyx’s events)
  • Misc: Tidied up some of Gwen’s dialogue so her paperdoll doesn’t keep sliding in and out
  • Misc: Went through some of the earlier dialogue in Act Three and added way more references to the kids, if you have any. Their moms will ask about them too, when you meet them for the first time!
  • Bug: Players were unable to leave via the front door at night, even with all requirements met, but could leave through other means. The front door has been unlocked now, so MC no longer needs to climb out via bathroom windows
  • Bug: Jessica’s paperdoll was hiding some words, and they weren’t even naughty! MC has learned to throw his voice slightly to the right, so all is uncovered now. Nice try, Jessica!
  • Bug: A couple of error messages relating to Madison and Veronica have been fixed – they’re no longer trying to wear outfits that don’t exist!
  • Bug: Upgraded dice weren’t appearing the first time you fought Goons in the garden. Now they are!
  • Bug: Your Goon’s “Reinforce” tactic was boosting the first dice, not the lowest. Now it will boost the lowest, as it should! Silly Goons, so disorganised…
  • Bug: Fixed an error with paperdolls sticking around after reloading the same scene whilst in the middle of talking to them. Shoo, paperdolls! Shoo!
  • Bug: There was an issue preventing Lyx from appearing in your bedroom. Which some might say is a good thing, but those people didn’t bribe me with mangoes so now she can get in again
  • Bug: The latest engine update messed up autosaves. They should be working properly again from this update onwards!
  • Bug: You can no longer search the apartments at night, causing a time dilation flux. Doc Brown gave me a good scolding
  • Bug: The Credits page is functional again! No more weirdnes
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