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Bryns Adventure Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – Redhead school girl get’s blackmailed into doing various missions around the city..

Developer: Bryn – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.90
OS: WindowsMac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Female protagonist, 2d game, Aicg, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Stripping, ENF

Bryns Adventure Overview

Redhead school girl get’s blackmailed into doing various missions around the city, involving nudity,
exhibitionism and other risky tasks.
Collect GPS tags and convert them into Task Points to unlock the missions at night.
Missions depend on day or night when they’re completed.
Bryn has 21 days to complete 10 missions.
Avoid strange men at night.


v0.90 (Tech Demo)

EULA added at the start of the game.

New* Running animation embarrassed and confident fixed.

New* Crawling animation fixed.

Crawling mechanic refined, now works with a delay to feel better when toggled.

Skip text now implemented by pressing CTRL/Control.

Right clicking the mouse will hide any text message windows to show the player the entire screen.

Music changed for Bryn’s home.


Photobooth 1 added, recall room added.

Photobooth 2 (Renamed Photobooth 1 mission to 2, amended in game)

New* Raining Event

The Baldman appears at night in the School, Shopping, and Office District. He only appears at night after day 12 if it is raining. (20% chance it is raining). He is a HARD difficulty, he chases Bryn from double the sightline of normal walkers and runs at the same speed Bryn has when she is running using Stamina. If caught by the Baldman, the player will be teleported to a minigame where they must escape.

v0.8 (A new save will be needed)

Added missions
School 3
Train 3
Both added to Recall room.

Added a short cut scene with Kimi IF Bryn is caught at night in the school district x3.
Added a short cut scene with Bryn’s Mom IF Bryn is caught at night in the home district x3.

Removed Background ‘Womp-womp -thump-thump’ music. Replaced with ambience sounds instead.
Added save options for some missions before they start, mainly day missions.
Moved home District bus stop closer.
Increased Stamina capacity to 1000 (previously was 750)

HumpR 1, now shows up correctly in the recall room. (Please try a new save if this issue persists. It has worked on a new save during testing)
Flash 2 now can only be started it Flash 1 is complete.
Fixed a minor map bug for School 1, and School 2 start locations in the Recall room. The text on the graphic stated Shopping, but it was clearly the school district.
Train 3 fixed with graphical, speed issues.
*Other Fixes
You can no longer start a mission that requires a dildo (Train 3), without the Dildo event being done first.
Heartbeat audio issue fixed.


Mall 1 Mission added
Beach Day Timeline Event amended – Now occurs on Day 7. Save beforehand added, remade and worked the BJ scene when Bryn tries to get her bikini back.
Adult Store Timeline Event added – (Occurs on Day 9)
Mall 1, Beach Day, Adult Store, Landlord, all added to Recall room.
Recall room has empty spots reserved for where the future missions will go for V1.0.
Separate stats overhaul – With the different types of nighttime interactions, these will now separately add up some stats will have some factors with different endings.
Day Time Bus routes added – Basically quick travel for daytime. Bus stop on every level, first one is at the bottom of the Home District, downwards from Bryn’s apartment.
Free Save mode – The computer (Page 2 on it), now has the option to turn on Free Save mode. Once turned on. This CANNOT be turned off.
Bryn’s Boyfriend? – There is a new short scene to explain what happens with the WOAH App and Bryn’s Boyfriend. (Occurs Day 2)
Mission Points and Game time – Now moving over to Mission Points, 12 to be collected over the space of 28 Days, (Summer break). The 12 Mission points are not final, subject to change when all missions are added to Final V1.0. However, game time will not change. 28 Days to do 12 missions. Easy.
Running naked but confident graphic – The small graphic where Bryn is running in the corner now only changes to the ‘confident’ look after 10 times running around at night.
Taller sprite – Used some of the Patreon money to purchase a plugin to make the characters seem a little taller. (Less frumpy and squished), I wasn’t initially serious about using it, but actually it looks better than I thought.
Blue Camera’s added – This is nothing, don’t worry about it for now. Planned for a future event.
A to do list – Will be made to show what the steps are for V0.8, V0.9, and V1.0. This will help myself lay out all of the tasks needed to be done from this point to the end. That will be released soon.

Patch Notes V0.6

Patch Notes V0.6
Various bug fixes

Tileset Fixes

Missions added
Flash 2 (Added to Mission help & Recall room)
Park 2 (Added to Mission help & Recall room)

Day event added
Beach day out with Kimi (Occurs on Day 6, a premessage will be sent to Bryn days before to inform her)

Have now been designed to look ‘shadier’ and have had their scripting redone, they will frequently check at a higher rate meaning they are faster at noticing Bryn. (You have been warned)

Rape Events at night
SFX added/changed for Rape events
GFX Rape1 (doggy style) has been amended 

Patch Notes V0.5b & C

V0.5C Bug fixes
The Mall doors do work, they are disabled whilst the Photobooth mission 1 is in progress. Made a confirmation for starting that mission notifying the doors will be closed to clear that up.
Fixed the front school doors during the day.
Fixed School 2 mission where the running animation on the bottom right would get in the way.
Fixed the jogger in the home district, pressing Enter now starts dialogue.
Graffiti sorted, now a solid object.
That’s the street lamps fixed *Crossed fingers I got them all.
Park Garage ticket machines now a solid object.
Vending machine outside mall now solid.
You can no longer gain access onto the mall or the other building’s roof.
Can no longer walk off into the black areas of the map.
Manhole covers fixed.
Made those daytime walking NPCs solid, I tried something out with them being able to pass through them, but if it doesn’t look right. I’ll keep them solid from now on.
Photobooth curtain tile fixed.
Fixed the collision tiles in the mall, no longer can you walk on counters and shelves.
The school’s back entrance isn’t night time text, it’s just to let you know that school isn’t on today so the building will be empty. I’ve reworded the dialogue.
The mall chairs should now be fixed and show properly.
School gate fixed, no longer blocks the player the sides during the day.
Supermarket 2 now does not show as complete.
Added a sparkle to the area when you complete flash 1, to jump over the barrier.
Disabled computer use when HumpR 1 mission is in progress.
Fixed men’s toilets. You can no longer become Spiderman.
Fixed Photobooth Toilet arrow, you can now walk over it and interact.

General bug fixes
School grounds are now not accessible through the lamp post poles.
Park 1 only activated at night, I must have switched off Night mission from testing that as the first ever mission from most likely V0.1
Items have been deleted, Missions no longer give out items. If you do have any from a loaded save, they will still exist, it’s better to leave them in the game (at least for a while until V1.0) as it may break the game deleting them from the database. But this has been fixed and the items will not exist in a new game.
Bryn no longer walks through the wall in her apartment/room.
Bryn can no longer run around topless during the HumpR 1 mission in progress.
Small text clean up, the Menu used to say Bryn (Naked) etc, that was just for me choosing character placements, they have now been renamed to Bryn’s outfit, or current status Naked/Crawling.
Bryn’s coat is now closed up for the landlord event as it starts, hiding her body underneath before being inspected.
Dumpsters/Trashcans removed entirely and replaced with a static replacement, in an old development of the game Bryn used to be able to hide in them which would confuse walkers.
Leaving the school at night now randomises the GPS spawn locations.

HumpR1 New*

Added a new mission called HumpR1, I didn’t add HumpR2, as I decided to merge some of that idea into HumpR1 which gives the player a choice of 3 different photos for Bryn to take and upload. HumpR is basically an adult platform, like OF and is accessed through her computer.

Train 2
Fixed it, so when you ask the smoking guy (which starts the mission), the Jogger nearby now looks away as part of a fix to allow the mission to continue and play out.

Added a difficulty option, which simply increases the rate of detection of Bryn at night. I’ve decided not to increase speed at the moment for this option and see how the rate of detection works at a further distance.

Tutorial text
Added in the tutorial text, reminders that you can change keyboard binds, access the computer to save and convert GPS tags. Introduced toggling for Crawl also. Small additions but crucial to new players.

Added a lot more daytime NPCs where possible. Some NPCs will have subtle dialogue changes, more around the Home district and the School/School parking lot if Bryn is caught more than 3 times out in those districts.

Short Scene
Added a short scene where Bryn is interrupted before going outside at night as soon as the Train 2 mission is collected as she tries to leave her building block in a coat.

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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