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Braveheart Academy 2 [v0.3] [Chrys]


Braveheart Academy 2 Download Latest Version

Braveheart Academy 2 Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You’ve just got the golden ticket to the new rebranded International Braveheart Academy!

Developer: Chrys Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Milf, Animated, School setting, Trap, Voyeurism

Braveheart Academy 2 Overview

You’ve just got the golden ticket to the new rebranded International Braveheart Academy!
A wide array of girls to meet and pursue romantic relationships with them. The game involves a branching narrative with a Main Story and Character Events with multiple choices and dialogue options!
Players can engage in various activities with the girls as they roam the school, and more options are unlocked as you build relationships with the characters, and the ultimate goal is often to form a lasting romantic relationship with one(or all!) of the characters.

The open world aspect of the game allows players to explore the environment at their own pace and select who to go for first!
So come and have fun in this lighthearted visual novel about 11 babes!​


n implement with events!
(Money is now earnable through working.)

– Meet N’ Yeet core has been completed.
(Lux now has different clothing options [No Scenes Yet])

Main Content:

– 2 New Main Story Events
254 Renders

– 4 Character Story Events (Ryuko, Hana, Miki, Zoe)

549 Renders

803 Total Main Content Renders!

Side Content:

– Orange Convenient –


28 Renders

Double Trouble?!
42 Renders

An End Of A Shift
15 Renders

A Storm Brews
35 Renders

– Hana Park Jeong –

46 Renders

– Zoe Williams –

57 Renders

– Miki Chia –

75 Renders (22 Animations)

– Step-Sister –
78 Renders (14 Animations)
Meet N’ Yeet:

Yae Miko added to Meet N’ Yeet VR.

70 Renders (39 Animations)

– Fixed opening VR in Neural Integrations/Other Menus

– Fixed Side Gallery Riley Bug not working until you had played his/her event.

– Fixed an instance of a character saying MC (instead of using the MC variable)

– Fixed Amelie BH2 Intro issue.

Braveheart Academy 2 – Version 0.2 Patch Notes:

Main Content:
– 2 New Main Story Events
305 Renders

– 4 Character Story Events (Emi, Amélie, Linh, Eleonora)
455 Renders

760 Total Main Content Renders!


Side Content:
– 11 Timed Events

Quelea: A Chance Encounter
43 Renders

Ryuko: Traditional Ceremony
51 Renders

Emi: Excessive Ambition
50 Renders

Beatriz: The Souza Rebranding
64 Renders

Linh: The Invitation
31 Renders

Amélie: Police Issues
29 Renders

Riley: Battle Of The Century
59 Renders

Eleonora: Animaltor, the Return!
36 Renders

NEW CHARACTER: Unexpected Family Visit!? / Moving In! / Clouded Thoughts…
(3 Events)
126 Renders

489 Total Side Content Renders!

To a Grand Total of 1249 Renders!


New Features:

  • Calendar (Now you can track upcoming side events and see their requirements on the fly.
  • 12 New Renders and a new location added, the TrackField for P.E!
  • Message App (Your messages will now be stored on your phone and can be replayed.)
  • Gallery (Rewatch a moment, Includes Character Events, Main Story Events, and Timed Events.)
  • Warning in the UI if that day has a Timed Event (time included!)

Bug Fixes:

  • Made Meet N’ Yeet event forced so you cannot skip it by mistake as it was tied to the morning of the second day.
  • Fixed not telling you when the Main core content is over (Character Events & Main Events)
  • Fixed Emi not showing up on the contacts tab.
  • Fixed Issues with events coming out of their expected order.
  • Amélie no longer gives bugs with the SFEH system.
  • Fixed Linh crashing the Contacts!

First release
There’s no nude content yet besides MnY

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Braveheart Academy 2 Download








Walkthrough Mod: PATREON

Braveheart Academy 2 Screenshots


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