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Boring Days Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – This is a story about a guy who enjoys his happy life.

Developer: AntiMyx Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.33.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Female domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex

Boring Days Overview

This is a story about a guy who enjoys his happy life. He has large mansion and wonderful wife. He has money and social status. On top of that, he recently made a big deal that may allow him to rise to the top of the career ladder. But, as usual, something went wrong.
This is the story of a guy with many enemies, both obvious and hidden. And everyone wants a little piece of him. His fate is now in your hands.

This game is in an early stage, so the events taking place in it, as well as its characters, may change in future updates.​



Added two ass worship scenes after a restaurant date.
Added a scene in which she appears during your cooking lessons.

Added a cooking exam scene with her.
Added a cooking exam scene with her and your wife.

Added a new girl in the IT department.
Added a first scene with this girl.


Now the mc can see dreams (only one dream for now)
To see this dream, you need to help your maid with the sunscreen and also see the last segment of the pancake scene

It now takes 4 foot massage scenes instead of 6 to get your maid to catch you
The wife’s desire for a foot massage now grows faster if her lordliness is higher, and slower in the opposite case
Now your wife can refuse a foot massage if she’s not in the mood.
You can now only take her out to a restaurant on Friday when she is in the bedroom or backyard
Now you can only take her to the lake on Saturday mornings when she is in the backyard.
She now swims in the pool on Saturdays
Now she does yoga on Tuesdays (gym downtown)
Fixed a bug where she was sunbathing topless at low openness and in a bikini at high openness

Now she comes to the bakery on Thursdays
Now when she visits the bakery, your wife gets assertiveness and lordliness, but you can prevent it (in this version just by visiting, but in future versions you’ll have to beat Jenny in a discussion)
Now she comes to the mansion on Sundays and once every two weeks
Now new scenes during her visit should activate with 100% chance

Fixed some bug with previous update content

Known issues:

For unknown reasons, the game is not very willing to accept this update. So I recommend you to run this game twice (close it and run the html file again) and also refresh the page.

Lake date is slightly reworked. Also, openness limit is greatly increased.
Now she can ask the mc to lick her pussy during Jenny’s visits (and Jenny can watch with some condition).

Now she visits the mansion every week.
Now she starts staying the night and drinking in the pool bar only after her third visit.
Fixed bug prevented scene with the mc’s massaging her legs.


Bisexuality changed to Openness.
You can peek on a lake date again.
Now she reacts if you want to take a nap when she in the bedroom.
Added some variety in her common scene (like taking shower or having breakfast).
Now she can takeover again.
Two new scenes for mc cleaning the master bedroom
New scene when she calls you from the vacation


Cooking lessons are restored.
Drinking in the pool bar are restored.
Continuation of her role reversal storyline.
All her content are restored.
All her content are restored.
Dev build:
New feature in the Phone menu – Cheats.
That allows you to control some npc’s desires.

Journal changed to wiki-format (it’s not fully ready in this update)
Added option to skip time from anywhere (not available during events)
Added autosave (can be turned of in setting)

New scenes
New scene with the wife in the Backyard Pool Bar
New scene with the maid in the Master Bathroom (require -30 obedience)
Removed scene where the mc massage the wife’s and the maid’s feet
Added scene where the mc massage the wife’s and Jenny’s feet (they swapped, yeah)

Possible bugs
Secretary path can be buggy, I think. I want add some change to it in the next update, but if there will be too many bugs, I fix it next week.

Now she can stay overnight at the mansion (you should drink with her and the wife on Thursday)
Now her shopping event is repeatable (with new random scenes)

Now you can see her preferences in her detailed information

Side Stories
Party from memories is back! For playing it you should restart game and choose side stories in the game menu
Only first party for now

Now she invites you to play tennis every Wednesday
Now you can actually play tennis with her
Also you can meet new girl here
Her bakery scene has some variation now

Kelly(delivery girl)
Her first training scene is ready (you need your maid’s obedience lower then -28)

Known bug
Bath scene with wife and maid (I’ll fix it when I start expanding that scene)

v0.31 Public
New kink – Self Cum Eating. Visit the master bedroom to activate it.


Now she lives in the gardener house that located outside the mansion

Now she can teach the mc how to cook

For starting cooking lessons you should give the wife at least 3 breakfast in bed(1 if use save from previous versions)

Recommend obedience for lessons is -22 (-18 for first to lessons)

Her teaching scenes (when she forces the mc to do her job) is removed for reconstruction

New event chain when the mc give her foot worship in her bedroom (you need to finish cooking lessons events for it)

Delivery girl

Now every Monday you can receive the groceries delivery (random in noon or in afternoon)

v0.30 Public
New feature – Journal.
Right now there are only two quests in it, but quests will be added every update.

Her facesitting progress is reseted.
Now, instead one initial scene, there’re three scene in quest chain (check journal).
Regular facesitting scene can change depends on amount of facesitting the mc give to his wife.
Now the mc can ask her to ride his face during night hot scene.
New random scene can appear when the mc give her cuni during morning wake up (requires 20 an more assertiveness).
Her arousal now grow slower when it low and faster when it high.

Now you can choose whether or not her final training takes time.

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  2. Play the game

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