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Apocalyptic World Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – You’ve survived nuclear war but at what cost?

Developer: ttyrke – SubscribeStar – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.36a
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: Creampie, Rape, Male protagonist, RPG, Sandbox, Cannibalism, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Anal sex, Post apocalyptic, Slaves, Combat, Anal sex, BDSM, Graphic violence, Male domination, Management, Masturbation, Oral sex, POV, Real porn, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Gilf, Pregnancy, Gay

Apocalyptic World Overview

Open world, RPG, sandbox. You’ve survived nuclear war but at what cost?
You survived in a bunker while others had to adapt to live their brutal new lives.​



  • Isabel riot event error (Isabel didn’t show afterwards in guesthouse)
  • Automatization missing in sleep event.
  • Typos
  • Scavenging didnt come home. Triggered fuck event for males not trans.


  • Milking error
  • Typos
  • Eve champagne event. Leaving still showed morning scene.
  • Youth district not available if only library was built.
  • Family tree husband newline.
  • Event [Laura] – Toxic rain. Horny didn’t reset.


  • Event [Dom] – Isabel beg
  • Event [Dom] – City chaoss
  • Event [Isabel] – Escape
  • Event [Isabel] – New home
  • Event [Isabel] – fuck in guesthouse (repeatable)
  • Event [Explore] – Teacher (existing). Added option to kill him if strength above 150. (Event won’t trigger anymore)
  • Event [Cabin] – Invited lone survivor misbehave
  • Event [Basement] – Guest asks to fuck npc in basement.
  • Event [Basement] – Guest asks to fuck npc – threesome (For supporters)
  • Library read book – now need 20 energy.
  • Underground shop – added back button
  • Cheatmenu: Added options to add library & hottub blueprints
  • Event [Cabin] – Virgin merchant
  • Event [Fire place] – Falling satellite
  • Event [Guesthouse] – Milk guests if pregnant
  • Can only milk girls if pregnancy is more than 60 days. + more milking images



  • Event [Interrupt guest sex] – sometimes threw error and didnt find npcs.
  • Cheatmenu: edit sometimes was with error because npc was missing strength stats.
  • Set NPC relationship limit to 100 (Should be fixed on next encounter.
  • NPC fuck. Girl horny when fast clicking was not resetted fast enough (decreased /2)
  • Slave/Guest wash was bugged and beauty slowly increased over the limit.
  • Wont be able to offer slave who wears chastity belt.
  • Event: Common capital sometimes npcs were showing without relationship stats.
  • Typos
  • Slave party. Was same NPC for different people.
  • Missing mistress no anal (not enough stats) image
  • While reading book time didn’t increase.


  • New item: Body armor (Decreases damage from knife)
  • Workbench: Added body armor
  • Customize. Wardrobe. Button to remove all clothes
  • Hunting. If intelligence high enough. Button to skip it.
  • Hunter job. Don’t need to give bow manually. If you assign to job it will automatically also give bow.
  • Slave market VIP room times changed from 15:00-17:00 to 14:00-18:00
  • In Octavia’s rescue mission changed chance to enemy have knife from 100% to 80%
  • Added that with anal you can reach npc 100 corruption too (before that it was only with fisting)
  • Customize [Custom pack]. Now you don’t need to rename npc anymore. Just set what pack you want to use.
  • Scavengers can find books
  • Npcs can use cosmetics once a day.
  • If you are married with npc, it will show ring icon in list view
  • Added NPC last interaction day (For future use. For example wives will get annoyed if you don’t give them any attention, etc)
  • Give Blair pregnancy speed potion (kitchen -> talk)
  • Event: guard caught intruder (existing). Changed % from 5 to 3.
  • In lost fights MC will lose more caps if we have more than 500.
  • Scavengers now will have 50% chance that gas mask is one of the items they can find.
  • Nursery. Added back button top (Same as in guesthouse/basement)
  • MC Shop good management. Added option to manage metal and cheap necklace
  • Event [Explore] – Waterfall (another). (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Guide updates (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • New pack: Asa Akira (contr. smokrader)
  • Event: Hottub relaxation (For supporters)


  • Negan quest couldn’t progress if Sanctuary was opened through slave market route.
  • Mistress sex wrong text.
  • NPC marry error fix
  • Not 100% sure BUT false positive in patches shouldn’t be there anymore. (Didn’t had consistent result before so can’t be 100% sure but if not – will continue to work on it)
  • Base attack. Was incorrect enemy count in text,
  • Eve champagne event. Captured woman slave didn’t lose virginity if used.
  • Basement events didn’t trigger
  • Transfemale hooker caps transformed to NaN
  • Without starting game, pressing on packs forwarded to game.


  • Event [Slave market – Sanctuary] – Alternative route to open sanctuary via selling slaves. (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Events [Guest with guest] (existing) – Added option to ask for a creampie (contr.
  • Custom portraits replaced with transparent background (contr. Thomas Muller 0.0) =
  • Event [Car explore] – attack car
  • Event [Waterfall girl] (existing) – added option to capture enemies.
  • Added new zone/district under MC settlement and moved there nursery. (Plan is to put there all not often visited places BUT related to learning (school/library, etc)
  • Event [Workshop] – Build library
  • Event [Library] – Read book (if you have) + some horny guest might approach (Max int to 100) (Existing event in church max will work till 50 int, exploring teacher to 60).
  • Cheatmenu: Option to increase slave/guest corruption to max (For supporters)
  • Bathhouse image moved to background image
  • Event [Workshop] – Build hot tub (With a chance guest might approach)
  • Event [Hottub] – Relax in hottub (% chance to increase max energy to 140 or taking away beaten (body hurts) perk)
  • Added option to take a shower in bathhouse
  • Event [Shower] – While taking shower in bathouse, chance that npc will join.
  • Basement, Forest, Greenhouse replaced pregnancy same as guest house (better mobile view)
  • Event [Scavening didn’t came home] (existing). Now also males and trans will go missing.
  • Event [Basement] – slave party introduction
  • Event [Basement] – slave party (repeatable) + invite slave to bedroom
  • Event [Settlement] – Help plow field for Rodger (if have horse)
  • Wrote a script for “update only”. From now on, if no major changes will be changed, always there also will be only update files.
  • Event [Library] – Read book (extended) (For supporters)
  • Added Anna Belle pack (contr. Klamar)


  • Hopefully fixed Octavia overwrite random NPC (Couldn’t reproduce without save BUT made changes in code)
  • With VIP slave market sometimes npc’s generated 17yo
  • Sometimes Blair could overwrite guest. (Couldn’t reproduce changed in code few places)
  • Cheatmenu: Bathhouse event trigger only available if bathhouse has been built.
  • Typos (contr. dcosmic1)
  • Slave added as companion. If you kill slave, companion list error.
  • Octavia giving medallion. Sometimes showed wrong reputation amount given
  • When capturing bounty, in guest house were added two npcs. One bounty and one of your last npc/character visited (Might maybe even be the problem why someone had Octavia’s/Blair in guesthouse too)
  • NPC info. Bald hair changed to bald head
  • MC horny meter not filling to 100%
  • On base attack, wrong guards/guests were helping.


  • Deflowerdeflower with straponmilkingno anal moved to actions (Can be modded now)
  • Increased slave market VIP room request chance from 20 to 30%
  • Shop location header moved as background image.
  • Guests and slaves who have miscarriage on street will take happiness and relationship penalty.
  • In girl tooltip (in events, etc). Added info if she’s a virgin
  • In Laura’s morning sample event added skip button.
  • Assign trans slaves to work as hookers
  • Street workers chance to die will take into account strength and not endurance
  • Woman wearing chastity belt do not have fuck options to fuck pussy and lick it.
  • Fuck scenes. Added NPC horny meter.
  • Male on male. Added cum in throat images
  • Blair will always generate with medium breasts size and same traits (Breeder, Cumslut and Deepthroat)
  • Explore wolves event. Bleeding will happen only if you kill less than 3 of them.
  • Renamed mods to packs (In future idea is that mods could be actual mods that customizes game without having to modify game files (js injection))
    [Now players can create new packs and without modifying .html file add them under packs/packs.js]
  • Added Veronica Leal pack
  • Customize. Custom portaits for females (For portrait and say dialogs)
  • Bounty hunter. Added caught NPC info.
  • Event [Guesthouse] – Caught trans on trans. (contr. decker-666)
  • Workbench. Added current amount of items
  • Added cloth and towel to managable shop items (Now your shopkeeper can buy/sell them automatically)
  • Event [Explore] – Hospital (existing). Added chance to find towels.
  • Decreased forest hunting target from 10 to 9 to it be successful
  • Male on male. Cum on feet and cum on back images added
  • New sex action. Anal fisting. Need analslut trait and 90+ anal (contr. decker-666)
  • Cheatmenu [Edit NPC]: Added option to change name and age (For supporters)
  • Guesthouse for mobile view. (Still experimenting). Changed pregnancy to icon and smaller text and moved throw out inside npc view.
  • Increased Travel event – tribe camp from 5% to 8% (while traveling to settlement (medallions))
  • More code cleanup and removing unnecessary global variables. (Should impact game performance)
  • Added multiple sex action texts (contr. dcosmic1)
  • Event: [Guesthouse] – Ask a guest to fuck someone. (contr. decker-666)
  • Slave market. Now you will be able to buy last slave before market closes.
  • Event [Explore] – Mysterious scream. (For supporters additional scenes) (also added in cheatmenu to trigger)
  • Explore event The Dying Elderly Survivor (existing). Extended options (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • In fights. If have companions. Less chance that they will hit you.


  • Typos and text fixes. (contr. KK-Walker/LizJ)
  • Negan 4 slaves vs fuel. Didn’t took all companions away.
  • Negan car steal event. Npc error/didn’t display names
  • Greenhouse. Added pregnancy info in list
  • Slave move to guesthouse button was visible without guesthouse available.
  • Male buttplug info wasn’t visible.
  • Only virgin girls who likes guys will ask to take their virginity.
  • Vincent shop. Max relationship per buy is 5 relationship.
  • Captured wanted person could use all the time (Now will use only till 2am)
  • Typo in cum_on_stomach actions folder. (Some locations didn’t show correct cum images)
  • Nightclub dance. Dance together button even if you were alone
  • Event [Toxic waste] – error if had slave companion
  • Wanted event [Mother] – Sometimes she was virgin
  • Offer guy slave to trans slave – missing videos.


  • VIP room. Removed eye color requirement.
  • Automatization. Added rest/work button for all npcs working on street (contr. 3ANilsPeterAndersson)
  • Garage will use also storage inventory. (contr. 3ANilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Negan] – Slaves for fuel event. (Repeatable)
  • Event [Travel] – Trapper horse cart (Repeatable)
  • Event [Octavia] – Give tribe medallion. (Repeatable)
  • New item: Chastity belt (contr. decker-666)
  • Event [Travel] – Tribe campfire (Repeatable)
  • Cheatmenu: Option to give tribe medallion (For supporters)
  • Event [Octavia] – Captured
  • Event [Octavia] – Saved
  • Increased performance (decreased max prev button click to 3 and rewrote a lot of global variables to local (Will continue in the future and later add cleanup on save load for existing saves too)
  • Event [Nightclub] – Drink with trans (contr. decker-666)
  • Help page and start guide updates. (contr. 3ANilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Octavia] – Fuck her when you bring wolf pelts (after saving her) (Repeatable)
  • New item: Library blueprint (Location not implemented yet (Planned in 0.34)
  • Event [Explore] – Urban Echoes (find library blueprint)
  • New item: book (Will be used to increase intelligence in library)
  • Event: [Eve] – Unexpected shower visit (Repeatable)
  • Event: [Explore] – Wicked family (For supporters additional scene)

– Throw out guest/slave created companion list error.
– Family tree popup not showing
– Females couldn’t get pregnant from MC
– Base attack fight error if had guards assigned
– Npc on NPC events. Male on female and trans on female. Will take female virginity.
– Journal fix for Rodger faith quest.
– Condom was removed from street workers by automatization.

– Event [Guesthouse] – Transfemale on female fun (contr. decker-666)
– Riley Reid mod available also in official website (Apocalyptic World) (Don’t need to download)
– Decreased chance of guest house npc on npc events from 10% to 5% (will later add option to MC allow or not relationship between other npcs)
– Mistress fuck. Slaves with submision 100 won’t take happiness or relationship penalty.


  • Pregnancy on street. Didn’t check if is already pregnant and resetet pregnancy
  • [Event] Car explore – If nothing was found and companion didn’t wanted to have fun – error.
  • Children stats. Removed “more info”, submission, traits stats.
  • Morning messages from scavengers. Fixed item display name
  • Fights. Enemy inventory wasn’t taken into account (knives)


  • Baby merchant. Added kid gender color
  • In game new section (mods) (Works locally)
  • Standalone mod [Riley Reid]
  • New item: condom (Contraception for girls working on streets) (Can buy in underground city)
  • If offer slave to other slave has nymphomaniac trait, relationship won’t decrease.
  • Slave market – allow to sell also males and trans + gender color.
  • Storage/NPC inventory transfer – increased font size.
  • Slaves as companions. (Won’t help you in fight and in the future will try to escape while traveling if low submission)
  • Event [Event: The uninvited couple] – will trigger only after 30 days.
  • Fireplace – Group workout is not available from 18:00 to 20:30 (added one more hour)
  • Added +10 caps to slave base value in market
  • Event [Basement escape] (existing). Rewrote. Instead of checking ALL slaves, will check only slaves with low submission (Higher chance to trigger the event)
  • In slave npc view added button to move her/him to the guesthouse
  • Captured enemies after fights have 50% chance to have higher submission.
  • NPC hair reworked. Better quality and replaced as SVG. That means in the future opens option to also customize hair style (short/mid/long?). (For now all NPC’s will have long hair)
  • Cheatmenu: Edit NPC (change traits/traitsLocked/skills/beauty/anal/strength/relationship/submission stats) (For supporters)
  • Morning messages. Removed NPC’s types (slave/guest) and job types.


  • Typos
  • Punish heOrShe error
  • Tits bar event. Could fuck her without money
  • Laura give breeder trait. Removes from locked traits if exist.
  • Typo corrections and grammar changes (contr. KK-Walker)
  • Dom event (mother and two daughters). Basement /guesthouse limit check
  • Event [Dig grave] – intelligence increased without choosing to help


  • Dumbbell added to automatization (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Fucking in car] – default sex actions in new location
  • Event [Vincent] – first car ride
  • Event [Car explore] – Nothing found. Suggest to have fun (only female images for now)
  • Girls working on street can get pregnant from their clients.
  • Event [Wood cabin] – Girl is pregnant from client.
  • NPC customization. Added 4 shoes, 1 top, 2 accessories, 2 panties (contr. Zerorad)
  • Childbirth. Female child will get her mother traits + one more
  • Event [Car explore] – Girl at the gas station
  • Event [Car explore] – Injured guy
  • Event [House party] (existing) – champagne and food will be checked also in storage.
  • Event [Bedroom] – Maid surprise.
  • Event [Slave market] – VIP requests introduction
  • Location: [Slave market VIP room] (Sell girls for VIP clients)
  • Event [Bathhouse] – Hot tub talk.
  • New item: Blueprint [Hot tub] (Not available yet) (Probably will add in 0.32 with that location)
  • Event [Fireplace] – Evening chat
  • Slave market – higher submission stats for slaves you’re buying. (Even more if you have premium slaves)
  • If girl asks to cum inside and you do that – additional relationship + happiness
  • Event [Guesthouse] – Take virginity (Also changes NPC orientation to like men) (For supporters)
  • Cheatmenu: Option to add fuel and car parts (For supporters)
  • [Sex] Male/Trans – added footjob (contr. decker666)
  • Males can now be assigned as mistress too (contr. decker666)
  • New age based pregnancy chance formula: 18-24 = 24%, 25-39 = 16%,
    40-59 = 8%; breeder x2 + fertility potion x2. (contr. decker666)


  • NPC say bubble. Fixed portrait
  • Fight won. Check if basement available to capture someone
  • Fight won. Removed inventory (showed bugged) from enemies.
  • Male avatar missing


  • Groping in garden (added releationship increase limit 50 and text)
  • Added pregnancy days in NPC info view
  • Customize. Undress girls fully
  • Sex. Added throatpie cum action
  • Reduced groping energy spent from 20 to 5.
  • NPC info – locked traits. With intelligence 50+ will see (also changed locked count from 3 to 2)
  • Sex. When you’re about to cum, girl might ask to cum inside her.
  • Companions limit set to 6
  • Cheat menu: Option to increase all slave submission (For supporters)
  • Event [Blair – morning surprise] – Will trigger only of maid as assigned
  • Mushroom moon text will show only after Vincent has told you about potion (contr. Magnus Castor)
  • Slave suicide change % calculation will take into account submission stats (Lower chance if submission gets higher) (contr. decker666)
  • Finished standalone mods (Information will follow how to create them) (tl;dr; – instead of downloading mod pack with 2-3gb files, people will be able to download specific things (for example specific girl model packs, gay content, even some scifi (if someone creates it) (Usually single mod (folder) size is 20-30mb max)
  • Reworked NPC visual breasts. Now all races should have same color as body + in the future chance to show different sizes.
  • Childbirth. Daughter will get mother skills + one more AND all childs will be straight.
  • You can go to underground city to 2am
  • Customize. Added option to wear panties.
  • Customize. 3 new clothes.
  • Customize. Added belly button (less akward look)
  • Garage. Added background image
  • Event [Male workout] – Workout together will males
  • NPC visual. Trans woman undressed will show dick
  • NPC visual. Woman pussy visible
  • Customize. Added accessories category (+1 item fishnet stockings)
  • Mechanics to fix and refill car. (In next event update will add 1-2 events for car as minimum)
  • Shop merchant economics. Each shop merchant will have limited amount of money witch increases/decreases each day.
  • Sanctuary shop – option to sell gas masks
  • New item: Dumbbell. Allow to npc’s workout on their own
  • Added party check for girls living in guest house
  • Punish actions time consumed changed from 60 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Compressed some videos/action images. (Size smaller than 0.28 release)
  • Event [House party] – Additional foursome (For supporters)


  • Firefox doll size (increased to 150%)
  • Basement slave offer. If declined – leave button missing
  • Family tree. If npc father was released – error.
  • If girls assigned to streets. Will lose virginity
  • Fighting. If a lot companions – went outside screen and ally overlap.
  • Squirter when getting orgasm didn’t show additional scene.
  • If childbirth was not successful girl still was pregnant.


  • Event [Cabin] – Common capital (existing). Added option to split money between girls (contr. decker666)
  • New fuck mechanics. Some fixes + if girl gets orgasm, her happiness increases (contr. decker666)
  • Events (Existing) – In some random events added option to invite girl (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Negan] – Introduction
  • Event [Negan] – Done deal
  • Event [Explore] – Hospital (existing) added option to find gas mask
  • Event [Dom] – Fuel delivery to Isabel (forced sex choice)
  • Event [Explore] – Hospital (existing) Option to find gas mask there
  • Started to work in standalone mods (Would be able to enable only mods you want to (for example more pregnancy images, more gay images, etc)
  • Settlement management. Street worker happiness stats + option to give girls days off (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Shower] – Taken.
  • Event [Workout] (existing) – will use new fuck view
  • Event [Laura] – Morning sample
  • Event [Vincent] – Note.
  • Exploring will use only 30 not 60 base energy.
  • Reworked drinking (drunk) mechanism (contr. decker666)
  • Automatization updates **(**Streetworker automatic rest, automatic buttplug) (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Basement] – Female slave escape (alternative)
  • Cheat menu: Bathhouse threesome event trigger (For supporters)
  • Settlement info. Added info how much food is produced/consumed.
  • Event [Mistress fuck] (existing) reworked
  • Event [Nightclub] – Buy a drinks (foursome) (For supporters)
  • Mistress fuck scenes use new fuck mechanism
  • Addition of missing generic sex action text
  • Nonfemale fucking will use new mechanics


  • .Only not virgin slaves who are horny will ask to fuck them (Basement)
  • Fixed auto bandages if you have doctor or have bandage in inventory
  • Character/slave/guest random overwrites while using growth potion
  • Typos (contr. Seeedaum)
  • Vincent car steal event. Wrong guests were killed
  • Male fuck – titfuck was available


  • Reworked NPC visual (body and breasts part). In the future opens all kind of a possibilities. Visual tits size, tatoos, scars, etc. Skin color can be custom in the future (Changes allow to set girls skin tone to any)
  • 5 new clothes (tops) for girls
  • Customize girl clothes
  • Can give axe to npcs to increase bonuses if assigned to forest
  • Increased how much your store can buy/sell for most used items (food/rope/plastic, etc)
  • Moved guesthouse, workbench, nursery head images to background.
  • Replaced male dolls with corresponding skin tone.
  • Gardener skill gives bigger bonus
  • Cheat menu: Option to increase all npc happiness to max.
  • Settlement stats (bedroom)
  • Settlement customize (change name/color/flag)
  • Back button in top of the guesthouse/basement/greenhouse
  • Workout reworking to moddable folder (contr. decker666)
  • Sex chance will take into account horny, submission, etc. (Now guys who are not gay but has 100 submission will have 50% chance to say yes, instead of 0 as before) (contr. decker666)
  • After won fight additional info about defeated enemies (approx age and beauty)
  • Added moon phases. When collecting mushrooms, chance to find also food (for you and companions) (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • NPC info. Hide some fields under “More info” link. Not all stats/info about NPC is relevant.
  • NPC girls added creampie count
  • Reworked happiness. Less penalty are more ways to gain it.
  • Reduced travel time inside (x2) Underground city
  • Bathhouse schedule. Enabled male & trans Npc’s. They will also use shower automatically
  • While looking for berries, regarding moon phase, option to see wolf and hunt him (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Learnable “cook” skill (When 100 days work in kitchen)
  • In NPC you can see stats how days they have worked in x job.
  • Learnable cumslut trait (cum 100 times in her mouth)
  • Reworked default sex scenes with NPC’s. (Right now only will be enabled for guests for testing and your reviews) (Thanks to decker666 for ideas)
  • More learnable traits: cumslut, deepthroat, nymphomaniac (contr. decker666)
  • Sad guests will leave (-50 happiness) (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Offer slave guy to slave trans girl (contr, saman853)
  • Event: [Explore] (existing. Added chance to find gas mask in police car)
  • Settlement automatization (Gives automatically items for a specific jobs, etc). (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event: Lesbian sex (contr. decker666)
  • Event [Cabin]: Late dance (For supporters)


  • Growth potion.
  • Loop on sleep sometimes if rotten food event was active (decided not to throw food out).
  • Eye colors adjusted regarding hair/race.
  • Footjob not increasing horniness.
  • NPS’s were washing even if you didn’t had bathhouse
  • Morning message hunter messages showing under slaves category.
  • Dom journal tip days fix (nightclub)


  • Cheat menu [Random events trigger] (For supporters)
  • Event [Blair] – pregnant talk
  • Blair can now get pregnant repeatedly. (Works same as usual NPC’s)
  • Event [Explore] -Toxic cave
  • Event [Dom] – (Existing) event with mother and two daughters. Option to also enslave them
  • Event [Base attack] – (Existing). Guards will also help you to fight intruders. (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Offer slave to slave] – (Existing). Allow/Deny cumming inside. YES! Other NPC’s can make your girls pregnant! (40% chance)
  • Event [Basement] – Hangman. (Keep your slaves happy)
  • Event [Shower] – Guest joining while you masturbate
  • Additional clock on mobile phones so you see it without toggling side menu.
  • More help hints inside journal (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Event [Vincent] – Infiltration of The Sanctuary.
  • Event [Garage] – Problems
  • Event [Garage] – Repairing guest (repeatable)
  • Event [Explore] – Beak humans (Existing). Added option to follow them (Additional scene for supporters)
  • Event [Cabin] – (Existing) Kid stealing food. Option to invite him to live in your nursery.
  • Event [Basement] – Offer male slave to male slave. (contr. saman85)
  • Event [Basement] – Offer trans slave to male slave (contr. saman85)
  • Event [Dom] – Help from The Sanctuary.
  • 12 new gifts for NPCs (contr. decker666) (Available in random shops)
  • NPC’s likes/dislikes for gifts (not all NPCS will like same gifts, some might give penalties) (contr. decker666)
  • Event [Laura] Breeding potion
  • Now you can give your guests/slaves breeding trait.
  • Guy punish. Checking gaysEnabled checkbox. If disabled, only option will be to beat him.
  • ???? Event [Sanctuary] – Fuel deal
  • New location: The Sanctuary (Now only with shop)
  • Wedding ring to marry Npc’s available in sanctuary shop


  • Some texts
  • Trans with breeder trait
  • Blair didn’t had orientation
  • While doing workout she will refuse to fuck if not interested in men.
  • Octavia events triggered in the wrong order.


  • Morning messages. Added message if you’re bleeding or used automatically bandage
  • Settings. Option to disable Trans and gay content
  • Cheat menu: Add energy
  • Cheat menu: Increase basement cell limit
  • Bedroom, kitchen, basement room image replaced with background images (If someone was assigned there, uneccesary scrolling)
  • Clickable childrens from guesthouse and basement
  • Women after giving birth won’t be able to get pregnant for 6-9 months (random period for each npc)
  • Wake up above morning messages will show only if you have more than 7 messages.
  • Hunter job. Npcs with skill ‘woodcraft’ can be assigned. Will bring you food or wolf pelts. (Need to give bow to npc)
  • Happiness stats for NPC. (Later will use for events, mood, etc). Right now decreases if works on street and increases if using bathhouse.
  • NPC inventory system. Now you can give her your items (For now only knife nad bow (Knife to increase dmg in fights, bow for hunting)
  • Background ambient sound (Option to disable it)
  • New sex action: footjob
  • Option to disable fast travel via settings
  • New item: gas mask
  • Reduced size (some videos compressed and gifs changed to webp). Size smaller than previous version.
  • If you offer slave to other slave offered slave relationship will decrease. If slave orientation isn’t straight that there will be additional penalty (+hapiness decrease)
  • New item: car part (For car fixing in the future updates)
  • New item: metal (For base upgrades in future updates)
  • Prepared things for Sanctuary location (Will be introduced in 0.26)
  • New item: towel (Craftable in workbench from cloth)
  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Apocalyptic World Download







Patch v0.36a: MEGA

Apocalyptic World Screenshots


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