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A Fortnight at Frenni Fazclaires [v0.3.1 Alpha] [NIGHT FOX Works]


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A Fortnight at Frenni Fazclaires Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – is a mature tale that takes place over fourteen nights at Frenni Fazclaire’s..

Developer: NIGHT FOX Works – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.1 Alpha
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Female protagonist, Furry, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Multiple protagonist, Mobile game,

A Fortnight at Frenni Fazclaires Overview

A Fortnight at Frenni Fazclaire’s is a mature tale that takes place over fourteen nights at Frenni Fazclaire’s, a night club in which the main performers and draw are animatronic women that parody characters from the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s line of games. Choose between a male and female perspective as you dive into the mystery surrounding Frenni Fazclaire’s quirky animatronics.

At the moment, the Alpha version currently includes written content up to the beginning of Day 3 (about 21% of planned material). The goal is to provide a robust experience with multiple paths through your time at the night club. Even seemingly-small choices can lead to big consequences!​



• All content up to Day 9 has been added. Due to fixes that had to be made to the research trees (see below), you **MUST** restart your playthrough to avoid errors. Loading a save from an earlier version will cause errors and break the game. My hope is that this is the last time you have to start over, but I can’t promise that for sure. Thank you for understanding.
• The research trees should now work as intended, making research thresholds and events far easier to trigger. This greatly affects the Missing Persons and the Paranormal trees, so you may wish to go back and explore what was missed. If you want to learn more, you can check out [THIS BLOG POST].
• DJLC, our new composer, has created original tracks for the game and enhanced our other licensed audio. This should help us steer clear of DMCA and other legal woes.
• Animated H-Scenes are being added! There is a new toggle option in the menu that will let you switch between static PNG and animated WebMs. This toggle only works properly if you enable/disable it BEFORE launching into the H-Scene. Right now the only animations are the Zero scenes on Day 3 for both genders and Lexy’s first scene for the male MC. We’re hoping to have animations for all H-Scenes in the next patch (v0.4.0), but they may be phased in to keep to the delivery windows mentioned in the [ROADMAP].
• A Gallery and a Music Room have been added. Images and tracks will unlock as you encounter them in the course of playing the game. These unlocks should hopefully persist across saves and different versions! For the time being the animated loops found in the new animated H-Scenes aren’t included in the Gallery.
• For those of you wanting to enjoy the H-Scenes (or other content) without the distraction of text/overlays, you can hide the text of an H-Scene by pressing “H” on your keyboard (PC/Mac/Linux) or hitting the “Hide” button in the quick menu at the bottom of the screen (All Platforms). Just tap/click again and the GUI will return!
• Autosave behavior has been adjusted. It will now autosave every 10 minutes and whenever you quit out, return to the main menu, or load a save file. This is not a replacement for manual saving! Save often!
• There is now a second way to find Lexy the Shark
• Marie has been added beginning Night 8
• The main menu is now animated. Yay!
• To make pushing patches easier (especially for translated files), the archive.rpa file has been split into multiple files. This now means that I can post a single .rpa file to fix a broken translation for the PC/Mac/Linux versions instead of needing to push a whole new update. Android users might still need a full update. We’ll find out together.

Known Issues:
• The Music Room song list will not update until you restart the game
• The Russian and Chinese translations can cause errors or confusion during play. If you run into issues, please replace the tl-russian.rpa file and tl-chinese.rpa file with those found on the download page. If you continue to run into issues after replacing these files, please let me know ASAP!
The .rpa files to overwrite can be found in :
– PC/Linux: ‘\game\’ folder
– Mac: ‘Contents\Resources\autorun\game\’ folder


• All content up to Day 6 has been added. Due to the way Ren’Py handles variables and save states, you **MUST** restart your playthrough with a fresh save to prevent any unforeseen weirdness and see some of the new additions in earlier content (Days 1-3). You should still be able to skip text you’ve already seen via the button at the bottom.
• There is now an H-Scene toggle in the Preferences menu. By default it is set to “Enabled”. If you do not wish to view H-Scenes then switch this to “Disabled”. You will not miss out on any plot-critical information by skipping H-Scenes. When disabled, they will be glossed over or otherwise fade-to-black.
• The default text color (i.e. when the narrator is talking to the reader and not vocalizing anything) has been changed to an off-yellow in order to aid readability and help differentiate spoken text from thoughts/narration.
• The Credits and Patron screens have been slightly-revamped to be more readable
• A slight pause has been introduced before each new background art so you can appreciate it more before the “style bars” cover it up
• Various bug and typos fixes from the Patron releases (v0.2.0 – 0.2.02)

*NOTE: As will be the case with all translations (especially fan ones), there may be discrepancies between languages. You should be able to toggle between languages at will, though it’s recommended you only do so from the main menu and after saving.*

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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