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A Fathers Sins Download F95Zone Walkthrough + Mod Apk For PC Windows, Mac, Android – An age old Church conspiracy crumbles. And magic re-awakens in your city.

Developer: Pixieblink Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 28
OS: Windows, Linux, AndroidMac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Corruption, Milf, Voyeurism, Magic, Religion

A Fathers Sins Overview

An ancient Evil returns. A murder. An ages old Church conspiracy crumbles. And magic re-awakens in your city.
Just an average guy, you becomes a Crusader for the Balance and fight Darkness with help from an ancient order of warrior nuns.


Chapter 28 [release 04/02/24]
– MC completes his training.
– Jehannes path of revenge.
– Jennifer’s vigil.

Chapter 27 [release 03/02/24]
– Sadie learns to shoot.
– Sadie assumes her destiny.
– Fixed some of the ring loading mechanics going back to the beginning of the game. Does not affect past saves.

Chapter 26 [release 02/02/24]
– Maddy changes the paths of futures past.
– Jehannes one woman war continues.
– Finding Heronius.

Chapter 25 [release 01/02/24]
– Jehannes. Deadly AND smart.
– I’m telling you, I can fight!
– Breaking through to Sadie.

Chapter 24 [release 12/02/23]
– A timeless love.
– You can’t fool a healer.
– The Great Game.

Chapter 23 [release 11/07/23]
– Jehannes heart of vengeance.

– Learning to fight.
– Tilly gets bored.

Chapter 22 [release 10/02/23]
– Last stand (part 2)

– Keep the Faith
– Where has all the time gone?

Chapter 21 [release 09/02/23]
– The Pope is no more.
– Trust issues.
– The trouble with Healers
– Last stand (part 1)

Chapter 20 [release 08/05/23]
– The trouble with popes.
– An unexpected guest.
– Celine’s story.
– Tunnel vision.

Chapter 19 [release 07/03/23]
– Trouble at the Vatican part III
– We must stop her.
– Jehannes kicks ass.
– Where is the Pope?

Chapter 18 [release 06/02/23]
– Trouble at the Vatican part II
– Finding Heronius.
– Sister Martine, Champion of the Light.
– Betrayed!

Lots of tweaks applied to the entire game, including :

– Added an on screen PLAY button before each animation. So you know when some animated stuff is going to happen.
– Removed almost all the hard-pauses in the game. Especially on the animations.
– Re-mastered Jehannes first fight scene in the abandoned building.
– Corrected and tweaked Karina’s dialogue and she no longer uses contractions. Makes her a little more foreign sounding.
– Fixed the mis-matched on some of the magic spells & their sound effects.
– Removed the text during the magic spells, except for the first time or two they occur.
– Tweaked the dialogue and fixed a few typos throughout the game.
– Corrected the spelling of MISERICORDAE to MISERICORDIAE. Because yes, there actually really are people out there that speak Latin. Thanks for pointing it out.
– Added an adults only confirmation when STARTing the game.
– New splash screen. Hey, U guys like it?
– Removed showing a picture of the ring every time you power it up, except for the first couple of instances.
– Changed some of the ring power mechanics, especially at the beginning of the game.

Chapter 17 [release 05/02/23]
– Never lie to a Healer.
– Karina’s new rig.
– Trouble at the Vatican

Chapter 16 [release 04/02/23]
– Taking charge.
The MC assumes his leadership role during their very first mission briefing.
– The Gardens of the Nephilm.
Maddy takes our hero to the visit the Grey Lady, but all does not go as planned. She Who Walks in Twilight has her own ideas…
– Doesn’t that hurt?
After returning to the Bunker, the MC heads to the bathrooms and learns exactly how brutal their training has become.
The Hammer of God.
She who walks in twilights tasks you with a quest: retrieve the Hammer of Charles Martel.

*Ch. 16 contains a shower scene with Celine, and an optional bust in on Karina in the bathroom stall scene.

Chapter 15 [release 03/02/23]
– Maddy has second thoughts.
Inquisitor Madelaine isn’t sure if she made the right choice concerning Sadie’s fate.
* You have the chance to go back and change it… IF you decided to follow Maddy in chapter 14.

– Voyeurism.
Tilly and Karina take a break from the Armory to go spy on you and Sister Francine.
– Safety first.
Tilly, Karina and you have fun at the gun range.

* Chapter 15 is where the story hits it’s first main branch: Do you enlist Sadie, or let her go her own way?
There is an optional sex scene, where Tilly and Karina watch Francine pleasing you. Or not, depending on your game choices.

Chapter 14 [release 02/02/23]
– I should stick with guns.
Tilly stumbles across a weapons cache in the armory.
– Please don’t send her to the Hospital.
Francine is desperate to keep Sadie under her care.
– Meet the Shredder.
Tilly and Karina hang out in the armory and play with their new toys.

Chapter 13 [release 01/02/23]
– Full circle.
Inquisitor Madelaine explains what she knows.
And why she’s older than she should be.

– Beware of the Wendigo.
Shower scene with Tilly, Karina and Celine.
– A broken mind.
Med bay scene with Celine, Sadie and Francine.

Chapter 12 – Fight or Die [release12/05/22]
– Corned!
– Fight for survival
– Maddy’s dilema
– 300 stills
– 20 animations
– About 20 minutes play time

Chapter 11 – Sadie’s Sacrifice [release11/02/22]
– Fighting the Wendigo
– Sensing Evil
– Finding Jennifer
– Sadie’s sacrifice.
– 240+ stills
– Couple dozen animations
– About 20 minutes play time

Chapter 10 – Endless War [release10/02/22]
– Maddy endless war
– Tilly, Francine and Karina are sworn in.
– The truth about the Cathedral Notre Dame fire.
– 270+ stills
– Couple dozen animations
– About 30 minutes play time

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  2. Play the game

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